Casualty Insurance

JIC offers numerous casualty insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of a wide variety of clinets. Our combination of financial strength, knowledgeable underwriting, first-class claims handling and loss control expertise defines our excellence in the industry.

To keep pace with the challenges that face our customers', we offer protection for the following:

  1. Bankers Blanket Bond:
    JIC provides a packgae policy which includes a multi perils protection designed specissicully for banking operations.

  2. Money Insurance:

    Money in safe:
    Covers money while in the insured safe.

    Money in transit:
    Cover the risk of loss of money by robbery and/or theft cause while in transit between places pre-defined.

  3. Fidelity Guarantee:
    It covers loss due to fraudulent or dishonest acts of the insured employees, with the intent to make improper personal gain, whether committed alone or in connection with others.

  4. Public Liability:
    JIC's Public Liability Policies provide coverage in respect of the legal liability of the insured against accidental bodily injury to members of the public, and/ or accidental damage to their properties.

  5. Workman’s Compensations:
    It protects your employees against death or disability during the course of their employment at insured servcies as per labour law.

  6. Professional Indemnity:
    We provide professional insurance for accountants, architects, engineers, Doctor, Lawyers and other professionals against error, omission claims that they may encounter while offering their services to the public.

  7. Plate Glass:
    Cover fixed plate glass sheets of building against break off due to an accident.

  8. Personal Accidents:

    Guaranteed worldwide coverage:
    • Death due to an accident
    • Permanent total or partial disability due to an accident
    • Medical Expenses : Provides some coverage for medical expenses incurred in treating the injured party.