Medical Insurance

Our medical insurance plans have been designed to ensure total and comprehensive coverage to suit the needs of our valuable clients.

Local Plans:

These plans are divided into 2 parts:

  1. In-patient (Hospitalization): Medical Coverage includes medical treatment for emergency and non-emergency cases in top rated hospitals in Jordan with unlimited ceilings and 100% compensation.
  2. Outpatient: the medical plan can be extended to include out of hospital treatments with unlimited ceilings at any of the following medical providers:
    1. Doctors
    2. Pharmacies
    3. X-ray centers
    4. Labs
    5. Physiotherapy centers
In addition to our Individual and Family plans, our services cater for corporate needs as well. Companies are keen to ensure their employees get the best medical treatment and Jordan Insurance Company provides this at a very high rate of professionalism and efficiency.

International Plans:

Our medical insurance provides a world-wide coverage for emergency and non-emergency Inpatient medical treatment up to US Dollars 300,000.

MedNet Network Provider :