Motor Insurance

Driving is a privilege, but it comes with a risk. We at Jordan Insurance Co. believe that our prompt service is designed to protect you against loss resulting from accidents.

We provide the following types of Motor Insurance:

  1. Comprehensive Insurance Policy:
    Jordan Insurance Company Comprehensive Program is carefully designed for the Motor Insurance plan, covering private use vehicles at competitive prices.

    Guaranteed Coverage:
    • Fire
    • Theft
    • Collision
    • Third party liability coverage for passengers

    • No Claims Bonus System is built up over the years as a substantial reduction in the cost of your premiums. Our ceiling for no claims bonus may reach up to 30%
    • We are committed to settle the compensations of material damage promptly upon submission all relevent documents.
    • Repairs are carried out at your selected workshop and at dealer workshops as your policy terms.
    • We provide a Roadside Assistance… A service that provides you with safety and comfort.

Additional Coverage:

Covers the driver who is holding a valid Jordanian drivering license, for an extra premium. In case of permanent total disability or death, is covered up to 12000 JD, and medical expenses up to 5000 JD.

Third Party Insurance Policy:

This policy provides insurance for amounts that the owner of the motor vehicle may be legally liable for as per Jordanian laws in respect to:
  • Death of, or bodily injury to, any person including all passengers in the vehicles (except you or the driver)
  • Property damage (except as owned by you or the driver at the time of accident)