Legal Disclosure

Jordan Insurance Company adheres to the highest level of business standards including, fair competition,, transparency, accountability responsibility and business integrity

As part of its strategic planning, JIC has developed an Enterprise Wide Risk Management policy to ensure the presence of suitable administrative structure of Risk Management Department and to analyze all the risks including Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risks, and Operation Risks.

Strong Corporate Governance practices have helped the company deliver sustainable shareholder value while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction

Transparency and Disclosure

In the endeavor to apply the principle of complete transparency and disclosure, as insurance institution; JIC complies with the Insurance Commission's Anti Money Laundering Regulation, we also monitor and adhere to other major international Anti Money Laundering Regulations and programs such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Jordan Insurance Company aims to maintain the highest operating standards at all times by undertaking regular reviews of our procedures and controls to ensure we are compliant with relevant laws, regulations and standards of good practices