Roadside Assitance (SMS)

Roadside assistance… A service that provides you with safety and comfort
We realize the importance of a car as a privilege in today’s world, so we created this service because of the need of assistance on the road in case of an emergency.
What is the service?
 SMS Roadside Assistance Service In both programs (Gold & Platinum) are keen to deliver 24/7 distinctive service and continuous support, Including kingdom wide coverage at all times; so you can reach SMS on 06 556 3223/ 079 998889 whenever you need to.

Once you get the service:
  • You will get a membership card, which you will need to show SMS staff.
  • You will get comprehensive coverage under the Roadside Assistance Program.
  • In the case of loss or damage of the membership card, JIC will settle the issue within 72 hours from reporting it.